Why You Should Join AIWA

Since 1999, the AIWA has been directly responsible for securing Congressional funding to dredge the waterway.  We recognize that navigation conditions are not ideal and in some cases, downright impossible but if we didn't exist, the waterway would be closed in several areas. We are working hard to keep the waterway open and safe for navigation. If you agree what we are doing is important, you can show your support by joining the AIWA.

Your membership is critical if we are to achieve our goals. Membership dues go directly to supporting the advocacy efforts of the Association staff.

Your Dues Help Us:

  • Be a strong Voice in Washington DC - We work with Congress to ensure an adequate, continuous flow of federal funds for maintenance by convincing the appropriate Congressional committees of the soundness of continued investment in the waterway.

  • Work with all levels of the Corps of Engineers to adequately fund the needs of the Waterway.

  • Identify, address and publicize issues that affect the waterway and its users.

  • Work in concert with other local, regional and national industry waterway organizations, supporting them in their efforts and seeking their assistance when necessary

  • Actively pursue innovative, economical and environmentally acceptable methods of maintaining the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway

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Annual Meeting

Every November, the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association sponsors a meeting to focus on topics of interest to our members. We bring together our members, the US Army Corps of Engineers, NOAA, US Coast Guard, elected officials, business leaders and others who have a stake in the waterway. Our meetings cover a series of topics that are important to waterway users.